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The Smart Medical Innovation Degree Program aims to cultivate advanced professionals with industry innovation, research and development, and interdisciplinary integration capabilities. It emphasizes the connection between Chang Gung Hospital and Chang Gung University's research capabilities and industrial resources. The program places importance on cross-domain technology integration and research collaboration, focusing on the development of smart medical software/medical devices and their practical application in healthcare settings.

Interdisciplinary Learning Environment

1.Establishing a Cross-Department/Cross-Disciplinary Practical Evaluation Platform in conjunction with Chang Gung University's Smart Healthcare-related Departments

2.Emphasizing the Distinction of the AI Program from the College of Intelligent Computing and the College of Engineering's Focus Areas

3.The emphasis is on distinguishing the target applicants from those of the College of Intelligent Computing and the College of Engineering.

4.Linking the research capabilities and industry resources of Chang Gung Hospital and Chang Gung University, we provide a refined and high-quality interdisciplinary teaching and research platform for smart healthcare. This platform integrates academic research, practical applications, and innovative teaching, adopting a consistent master's and doctoral research model to cultivate advanced research talents.

5.Inviting both full-time and adjunct faculty members from Chang Gung Hospital, Chang Gung University School of Medicine, College of Engineering, and College of Management who possess extensive expertise and practical experience in the fields of medical artificial intelligence research, smart healthcare product development, smart healthcare software design and development, medical regulations and certifications, and innovative management in the healthcare industry.